Soul Astrology Session

$177 (60 mins) / $222 (90 mins)

Who are you? Get to know your natal chart through the lens of Karmic Astrology,  what is really happening in the skies and how it affects your life. Use these tools for everything - business, all relationships, studies, parenting, art. This will substantially deepen your knowledge well and arm you with a toolkit to support you all the time. We will look at any areas of your life where there is confusion, stagnancy and suffering and learn tools for solution and how to employ them. We will look at placements in the chart and beyond that outline your life purpose and Soul mission (dramatic but true✨) We begin to practice Vision Work and get to the heart of the matter. I guide you into vitality, bliss and a life lead by your Soul. 

“I am beyond grateful that Lauren was recommended to me in the early months of the pandemic. I was anxious and grief stricken (lost two close friends to Covid-19) and have experienced a deep shift in perspective since our work began. Lauren draws from a deep well of wisdom.


What she taught me about astrology has changed the way I live and feel in the world profoundly. Our vision work has taught me to recognize and obey the magic. And also to remember truly that I am safe in the world. And she is funny and deeply compassionate! Working with her was a total joy. I love her! Eleven Eleven is real!"  

                                               - Zoë Chastain

Private Soul Coaching / Spiritual Teaching

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Work privately with Lauren.

Step into a life beyond your wildest dreams.

Packages are tailored to each student. 

Lauren brings 20+ years of study in ancient wisdom, alchemy & practical philosophy to clients, connecting them to their souls and soul mission on Earth. Lauren guides each student through a process, unblocking and empowering as one is reunited with True Self. Let’s break on through!

"I have been working privately with Lauren for almost a year. Everything in my life has changed for the better. Everything.


She is deeply brilliant and compassionate. Like having a rocknroll angel sage as a coach."


- Marley Feldman

Corporate Events

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Lauren offers corporate events including soul mission readings, karmic astrology, vision work, spiritual teaching & meditation, art and Age of Aquarius experiences. We get to the real real. Alchemy. 

"Lauren has done two events with my business and these events - besides being dynamic, intimate and inspiring - mark the only time every person from my staff reached out to let me know how much they loved her and the astrology soul readings. Her vibe and knowledge blew us all away - we adore her."

- Stacey Bechtel

Speaking Engagements

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Soul-Star Thought Leader Lectures

A dynamic and recognized public speaker, Lauren commands a room with power, magic, deep heart and authenticity - to inspire.


There’s nothing better than discovering, to your own astonishment, what you’re meant to do. It’s like falling in love.

Mike Nichols