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Pisces Season



Music is the plane that runs through everything. Music is the tapistry of the Divine. Music is the law of seven. Love is the Law. Love the Higher Law. 

  1. Rome (Wasn’t Built In A Day) - Sam Cooke 

  2. Don’t Touch My Head - J.B. Lenoir

  3. Sons of the Silent Age - David Bowie

  4. The Mighty Quinn - Hopeton Lewis

  5. Sweetheart Come - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

  6. Ooh Aah! - Fabulous Five 

  7. Bankrobber - The Clash

  8. Life’s What You Make It - Talk Talk 

  9. Love is Not a Gamble - U-Roy

  10. Sudden Impact! - Big Audio Dynamite 

  11. Way Out West - Big Star

  12. Dark Star - Crosby, Still & Nash

  13. I’m Not the One - The Cars

  14. Nocturne Seven - Billy Mackenzie

  15. (Under The) Heavy Sun - Daniel Lanois

  16. Peaceable Kingdom - Patti Smith 

  17. Seagull for Chuck Berry - Gunn-Truscinski Duo

  18. Lord of the Universe - Donovan 

  19. Sun is Rising - The Head and the Heart 

  20. Black Iris - Sven Wunder

  21. You Can Sing a Rainbow - Nina Simone 

  22. Give Me Love (Give Me Peace on Earth) - George Harrison


Astral Miami Vice / Homage to Michael Mann


  1. Biko - Peter Gabriel

  2. Better Be Good to Me - Tina Turner

  3. In Dulce Decorum - The Damned

  4. Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me - The Smiths

  5. Nine Million Rainy Days - The Jesus and Mary Chain

  6. Take Me Home - Phil Collins

  7. West End Girls - Pet Shop Boys

  8. Catch The Wind - The Blues Project

  9. Best Adventures - Thinkmen

  10. Closer to Heaven - The Alan Parsons Project


The beautiful thing is that when you catch one fish that you love, even if it’s a little fish - a fragment of an idea - that fish will draw in other fish, and they’ll hook onto it. Then you’re on your way. Soon there are more and more and more fragments, and the whole thing emerges. But it starts with desire.

David Lynch

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