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As a young girl in metro New York, Lauren found herself in front of a digital clock, at precisely 11:11, everyday, without fail. This curious daily event and the magical possibilities it implied set Lauren on a life-long journey both inward and across the globe. 

Her unending quest to discover the patterns which saw Humanity, The Divine, and The Stars together has taken Lauren from the sandal-clad feet of mystical scholars to the snow-covered peaks of uncharted mountains and back again to share what she’s learned.

Lauren’s hard won spiritual proficiency is well met with her encyclopedic knowledge of literature, poetry, theatre, and rock n roll. These elements combine in a perfect storm to create what Lauren refers to as her “Golden Thread” - the divine link that connects all things and thus leads one back to one’s Soul and unity with the collective Soul of humanity and the cosmos.


Lauren D’Alvia is a multi-disciplinary artist and spiritual teacher.

‘A Native New Yorker, Lauren splits her time between the east coast, the Pacific Ocean, and the High Desert.

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If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, infinite.

William Blake


Moving/Still Images & Site Design By Laura O’Reilly

All Written Material Is Copyright of Lauren D’Alvia Unless Expressly Indicated Otherwise

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